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Procurement and Grants Management

Business Case Development

Stakeholder consultation and requirements development. Market analysis. Demand analysis. Sourcing option analysis. Capability analysis. Cost/benefit analysis. Risk identification. Sourcing strategy development. Category and contract management planning.

Data Sheet on Business Case Development

Data Sheet on Requirements Definition

Market Testing Management

Stakeholder analysis and scoping. Tender documentation provision. Risk assessment. Evaluation planning. Facilitated tender evaluation. Contract/agreement negotiation. Procurement reporting. Debriefing.

Data Sheet on Market Testing Management

Data Sheet on Procurement Workshops

Grants Management

Stakeholder analysis and scoping. Risk Assessment. Grant documentation provision. Applicant grant-writing workshops. Facilitated application assessment. Funding agreement negotiation. Performance monitoring and reporting. Debriefing.

Data Sheet on Grants Management

Contract Performance Management

Contractor performance management, reviews and reporting. Service level agreements (SLA). Stakeholder consultation. Negotiations. Establishment/maintenance of service levels and performance requirements.

Data Sheet on Contracting Support

Tender and Grants Application Assistance

Procurement and initiative analysis. Process and response competency training. Submission documentation creation and review. 'Dummy' evaluations. Financial modelling.

Data Sheet on Tendering Assistance

Data Sheet on Grants Application Assistance

Grants Assistance

Australians and Australian businesses seeking financial assistance through government grants can utilise the services of PSI Asia Pacific Pty Ltd to access expert knowledge and practical assistance in grants applications and management. PSI can explain the policy frameworks, analyse prospects, align potential recipient capabilities with existing funding programs, develop funding application strategies, assess the prospects of success, and/or complete all aspects of the funding application or recipient reporting requirements. 

Our support is focussed on grants of significant client value and duration, principally provided by the Commonwealth Government in the funding range up to $3 billion.  Applicants for State Government grants may also benefit from PSI‘s services.

Our competitive fees are based on one of two models: an agreed fee-for-service not linked to success; or a two-stage fee with a discounted fee-for-service and a percentage success fee.  These fee arrangements are contracted at the commencement of PSI support.

Current Commonwealth programs that may be of interest include the following:

  1. Department of Agriculture – Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis
  2. AusIndustry – Clean Technology Investment Program.
  3. Department of Social Services – Social and Community Services Pay Equity Special Account
  4. Department of Employment  – Remote Jobs and Communities Program.
  5. Department of the Environment – Strengthening Basin Communities.
  6. Department of Industry – Research Block Grants.
  7. Australia Council for the Arts – Arts Funding.
  8. Department of Industry – Energy Efficiency Opportunities .


Contact PSI for discussions of the options, and fees that would apply to our grant assistance services.