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Probity and Corporate Management

Probity Advice and Audit

Probity planning, advice, management and audit. Establishment and monitoring of probity frameworks. Expert probity advice in support of legislative and compliance requirements. Probity and compliance audit reporting

Data Sheet on Probity Advice and Audit

Probity Training

Probity training and or mentoring to address your organisational or project probity risks. Training can be appropriately scaled and is tailored to align with your probity framework and budget. 

Compliance Assessment

Regulatory compliance assessment. Development of compliance controls. Standard-based (AS 3806) compliance framework development. Compliance data management. Reporting

Corporate Governance Review

Corporate performance measurement, analysis and planning. Mentoring and coaching. Project and program governance. Board evaluation and planning.

Data Sheet on Corporate Governance Review

Corporate Responsibility

Identification and reporting on corporate and social responsibility factors. Independent verification in contracting. Strategic policy research and development. Development of active compliance within the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms.

Data Sheet on Corporate Responsibility Review