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Establishment of a Government Consultancy Panel

The Challenge

New South Wales Government Agencies like most others are being required to do more with less to achieve policy outcomes. The Land and Housing Corporation (LHC) utilises registers of consultants to enable shorter turnaround in the procurement cycle thereby minimising costs for both themselves and registered consultants.

Their challenge was how to best create one of these registers through a public Expression of Interest (EOI) process, while minimising the intensive resourcing required in establishing a multi-disciplined/ multi-region panel, not compromising government processes and ensuring a defensible and auditable outcome.

The Solution

PSI Asia Pacific, the sole distributor of the SupplierSelect software product for government clients across the Australasian region, was engaged to manage all aspects of the register creation.  SupplierSelect's web-based tender management platform provided PSI with the ability to run the tender process and all evaluations on-line and enabled the project to be conducted with much improved efficiency.

PSI’s knowledge management system was applied to the SupplierSelect reusable online RFP templates. These together provided significant benefits, including:

  • Requirements gathering and the process of building the tender questionnaire is both quicker due to template re-use and more convenient (i.e. multiple people can work on the same tender in parallel - no need to 'Track Changes')
  • Full audit history of tender management for accountability and maximum transparency. A detailed audit-trail was maintained of all data entered into or changed within the database, providing certainty and traceability of the outcome.  
  • Some components of the tender responses were designed to be automatically scored. This allowed the evaluators to focus on the areas of greatest interest while reducing demands on their time.
  • Data export to Excel was available for further complex analysis and reporting if required.
  • Consultants seeking to be on the register completed their responses on-line. This provided a significant time and quality benefit to PSI and LHC through not having to re-key tender data.
  • Evaluators could undertake the evaluation through a standard web browser without having to have access to hardcopies of tenders. Additionally it was simple to move between tenderers and or criterion during the assessment.